A Good Five Months

November 14th, 2011

We posted our first show here on June 9th, starting off the rotation with @motherfuton. Shawn and I had a great conversation with Noah and since then it’s been one fantastic guest after another. It’s a privilege to simply talk with talented people, let alone ask questions designed to see how they’re wired, then share it all with others.

Creatiplicity was intended to be the podcast of the Fusion Ads network, giving listeners a closer look at the people who make up the network. Now that Fusion is under new ownership, that intention will no longer continue. But the show will continue to be an exploration of simplicity, creativity, and what makes creators tick.

It will go on.


Sadly though, Shawn has decided to discontinue being involved. This is not due to the situation with Fusion, but simply that running a podcast is not a lucrative endeavour (as any podcaster whose initials are not DB can tell you). Shawn shared his thoughts on his Shawn Today podcast available to the members of his site — working for yourself comes with many varied opportunities and we have to say yes or no to each. And sometimes that means saying no to a good thing.

So, there are no hard feelings and I wish Shawn the best. Thanks so much for your time over the past 5 months, bro!

The question I have now is whether or not to bring on another co-host. I’d love to hear from listeners on this subject. Do you find the show is better with two people asking the questions? Or does the quality of the guests make having two hosts redundant?

Any and all feedback would be appreciated. Feel free to let me know what you think — you can send your thoughts to me via email or on twitter with @creatiplicity.

Thanks again for listening!